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"I’ve been in the car business for nearly 15 years and I still learned a lot from your book. The info saved a lot of headache, frustration and money. Thanks so much. We are surviving during this recession using some of the concepts I picked up from your book. Very well written."

We keep hearing the "official" rate of unemployment is around 9%, yet what is not being reported is that the rate is closer to Great Depression levels at 17% to 23% when factoring in what economic experts call "marginally attached workers" and "long-term discouraged workers." And then there are the millions of workers that have been forced into part-time jobs but need full-time jobs. (Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics, economicpopulist.org, shadowstats.com)

Whatever the real number is, we all have family, friends and neighbors that are suffering as a result of this down-turn. And sadly, most of us see nothing offered by our so-called "leaders" that will solve this problem.

If you look around, you are probably thinking it might not be that secure, but what if you could start something today that could not only boost your current income, but more importantly could be a very real and viable safety net if you did lose your job?

And what if that "safety net" income I speak of could ultimately lead you to a much better way of life?

Well, that is what I am going to talk about here because I want you to know that there is a solution to all this dark and dreary economic news…and it is something that works well even during deep recessions too…and you can start today.

The key is to become as independent as you possibly can…as soon as you can…because you really can make good money buying and selling used cars in small towns…and big cities…during roaring economies…and deep recessions.

How is this possible? The answer is simple, because today, even "cheap" new cars cost as much as a house used to…and every year the cost of a new car rises.

So its no wonder that more and more buyers either can not afford to buy a new car, or they refuse to buy something that will lose HALF its value in the first 3 years!

1) Crooked Used Car Sales People: The used car industry is populated by many (not all) sleaze bag crooks that would rip off their own mothers to make a quick buck.

2) You Need a Car Dealers License: The used car business requires that you have a car dealers license and it can be difficult and expensive in some areas to get one.

3) Secretive Business: The used car business has been shrouded in mystery for a very long time — thus making it a very difficult business to learn.

2) You Need a Car Dealers License: Hold on their cowboy. Would you be interested if I could show you a simple, inexpensive and totally legal way to have ALL the advantages of operating with a car dealers license without actually having one?

3) Secretive Business: Its true that THEY don’t want you to know about the hugely profitable used car business, but I don’t care what THEY think, and besides…

THEY are usually known as used car dealers. Some are licensed used car dealers…and some are unlicensed used car dealers…but licensed or not…

The thing that matters at this… Read more…

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