Audio Quicktest Sound System Setup Software

Visit SiteAudio Quicktest Sound System Setup SoftwareDesigned for professional sound engineers, audiophiles and tech-musicians, AQT is regarded as the "must-have" audio setup software. Its comprehensive signal selections are engineered to run smoothly on any compatible Windows laptop or desktop PC. With a full array of tests and setups including calibrated sine wave tones from 5 Hz to 20 kHz, Phase testing, Channel Testing, Pink Noise, White Noise, Sweeps and more, AQT Audio Testing Software offers a perfect Windows based signal set for critical audio testing and calibration. AQT easily installs on any compatible laptop or desktop PC running on Windows 95,98,ME, 2000 or XP. AQT also features an anechoic ("DRY") instrument test pad perfect for testing and auditioning effects units, compressors, expanders, guitar pedals and other signal processing devices. The instruments samples include: Acoutic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Harmonica, Chimes, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Drums and Keyboard. AQT is used just like a standard audio test cd, but offers many additional features along with point-and-click intuitive computer control.

Currently, AQT is used for live sound setup, audiophile stereo system setup, home studio setup and testing, tape machine alignment, Church Sound PA setup, Theater Sound Setup, Room Acoustical Testing, Car Audio Installation and much more. AQT requires about 180 Megabytes of free disk space on drive C: and must be installed on a Windows compatible laptop or desktop PC using a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. Connect the necessary audio cables (not included) to audio output of your computer, and it’s ready to go! (It will not run in a Mac.) Read more…

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