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Visit SiteCar Buying Scams - Car Buying Guide Exposes Car Buying Scams"Exclusive Car Buying Guide Exposes Insider Secrets and Turns Auto Sales Industry Upside Down&#8230"

Here’s your chance to get a hold of the nitty-gritty details auto dealers don’t ever want you getting your hands on.

They’re considered hush-hush in the industry but it’s time you knew the truth about saving money, getting the best deal possible and how salesmen really treat you.

The last time you bought a new or used car, did you wonder how good of a deal you really got from your seemingly friendly car salesman? And did you think he was the nicest guy you’d met in a long time?

Listen to this… The reason your car salesman smiled like a Cheshire cat and treated you like his new best friend isn’t because he’s a kind and caring soul.

…It’s because he was taking hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars of your hard earned money that he didn’t deserve. You can think of it as legalized thievery.

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1. The "Super Sale" Scam 2. The "Pre Approval" Sale Scam 3. The "Website $1,000 Free Gift Certificate" Scam 4. The "Credit Union Sale" Scam 5. The "Push, Pull & Drag Sale" & The "Slasher Sale" Scam

But, unfortunately, you didn’t know it at the time and you’re not alone… Practically 90% of car buyers don’t know that they are set up and taken advantage of from the auto sales business.

How do I know? I used to be one of those car salesmen. But I left the industry because I refused to play by their money sucking rules any more.

In fact, before I gave my boss the virtual middle finger – I was the General Manager of a popular auto dealership and I used to rip people off too. Not because I wanted to. But because that’s what’s demanded of you when you’re in the business.

You should have heard all the nasty, low down insults and threats my boss and co-workers spewed at me when I decided to quit. I stormed out of the office with my fists clenched and my blood pressure near the boiling point.

And as I drove off the lot, I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to leave it at that. Instead, I’d fight back and help as many people as I can so they will never be taken advantage of again.

Now I’m giving the auto sales industry a taste of their own medicine by exposing them for the money sucking, greedy vampires they really are.

And spilling all the secrets they use every single day. Giving you your chance to see exactly what goes on behind closed doors… behind your back… under your nose… and show you exactly "How it is" in this business.

In other words, here are all the dirty secrets the auto sales industry never wants you to know about.

If you’ve ever secretly wondered if car salesmen are totally honest with you… Here’s your answer:

No other industry that I know of takes advantage of hard working people’s money like they do in auto sales.

It’s like they think you’re a rich aunt or uncle who they can justify bleeding money from. Hey, after all, they deserve it. Right? Wrong!

With the way they lure you in and make you play their ridiculous mind games… Like haggling, where to sit, getting to know you… making you think you scored the best deal on your trade in.

Heck, we both know that buying a car is really… Read more…

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