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Visit SiteThe Horsepower Calculator – Membership Plans - HorsepowerCalculators.netThe horsepower calculator is applicable to all levels of buildup from the most basic bolt on packages to the more advanced engine builds. The calculator will help entry level enthusiasts find the best specifications for bolt on power parts such as cold air intakes, streetable long tube headers, and cat-back exhaust systems as well as ignition and tuning upgrades to maximize the performance and efficiency of a slightly modified street engine.

For more advanced all motor buildups, the calculator will help recommend a proper match of parts that all target peak power new redline including tuned length intake manifolds (or individual throttle body setups), shorty headers for peak power extraction, ported high flow cylinder heads, ideal lift and duration camshafts and a recommended static compression ratio that will match both the engine demand and the camshaft profile of the specific buildup.

For turbocharged applications, the calculator specifies everything needed to perform a complete and matched turbocharged conversion covering everything from choosing the right sized compressor, to selecting an optimal turbine aspect ratio (A/R) for best spool, to recommending a proper single or dual wastegate size for solid boost control, to coupling properly sized exhaust manifolds, and intercoolers in order to maximize the performance of the system.

Similarly, for supercharged applications the calculator specifies everything needed to perform a complete and matched supercharger setup including the proper supercharger head unit, a header designed for maximum exhaust gas evacuation and minimum back-pressure, a split patter camshaft selection to minimize exhaust gas reversion and supercharged air dilution, and the proper match of cold side and hot side piping for best torque response.

On Nitrous applications, our calculator does complete calculations for a higher demand fuel system to cope with the nitrous kit’s fuel demand. We also calculate exact single fogger and direct port jettings for your target shot size as well designing a unique dual mode exhaust that is matched from the header to the exhaust cutout for peak on-the-bottle performance, while suggesting a more docile cat-back exhaust size making the car more streetable in off-the-bottle driving conditions.

For all of the above applications, the horsepower calculator delivers recommendations for a complete fuel system that is compatible with your power target from the fuel pump to the main fuel feed line to the fuel injectors to the return line… for both return and return-less fuel systems. By following these recommendations you will always be sure to have enough fuel on hand for your nitrous, boost pressure or horsepower level and avoid detonation caused by lean fuel mixtures.

Our innovative octane center allows you to convert your setup from running gasoline to running any one of 13 common hydrocarbon based fuels including E85, NitroMethane, and Methanol. For any combination of these fuels and in any mixture, the calculator is able to adjust all the specifications of all of the engine parts to match the new fuel’s characteristics including correcting the intake system, fuel delivery system and exhaust system sizing based on the fuel mixture’s new energy density, target air to fuel ratio and specific gravity, and the volume of exhaust gas released per horsepower.

Our thermal modeling center works in tandem with our octane center for all applications from all motor all the way to TWIN-CHARGED (both turbocharged and supercharged) applications. The thermal model will help you calculate a highly accurate density ratio, find the exact boost level required to reach a power goal given that density ratio, and make sure that the final mix of boost pressure, compression and cooling does NOT exceed the fuel mixture’s octane and auto ignition temperature ratings that… Read more…

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