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Visit SiteWealth: Power Surge How to have a Self Discovery - Home Your WealthThat’s what Dr Joe Vitale, featured in the movie ‘The Secret’, #1 Best Selling Author of "The Attractor Factor" and more, … had to say about ‘Power Surge’

- Do you know how to use your Wealth Filter to attract what you want? – Do you know how your bathroom can power up success? – Do you know that men and women are supplying secret answers? – Do you know how shopping habits can attract more wealth? – Did you know that even your radiators can create success…

Did you know that 95% of the world’s financial wealth is in the hands of 5% of the world’s population.

Statistics conclude that if we were to distribute the world’s financial wealth evenly amongst the world’s population, there would be enough to make each individual a millionnaire.

Studies also conclude that it would probably only take a few years before all the wealth is back in the hands of the 5%.

In short, everything we bring into physical reality is magnetically attracted by us. We each contain the ability to magnetise what we want by first defining it and then using the contents of our mind to give instruction to pull in ‘that which exists’ in the mindful instructions.

The instructions embedded within this matrix which are actually written into your cellular memory can only be identified by you but anyone can do this.

If everything that exists in your reality is magnetised there by you then everything is having a relationship with you. Nothing is just there in your life. There are no coincidences and life has nothing to do with luck, background and education when it comes to the subject of ‘transforming circumstances’.

Yes, some people may start out with a bundle of more lucrative resources (as we might see it) but ultimately the degree of ability to effect change in our lives is EXACTLY the same for everyone(provided they are coherent enough to be aware of their mind).

Simply put, anything you desire manifests as energy changing form given direct instruction from you… particles of energy are magnetised by your consciousness into forming objects and situations into what you experience as life.

Regardless of what you believe about who or what created universal laws, they remain irrefutable..understanding and utilising these laws of science can change your life forever.

Thanks to Pythagoras and Albert Einstein’s contribution to Universal understanding, we know that everything physical manifests relative to our thoughts (and our thoughts then motivate our emotions which motivate action). If everything is created by our mind as a cohesion of differing vibrations, all instructions ‘to create’ must be written into the objects and experiences themselves… question is, how can we see them? Seeing them gives you the power to change them, without limits this time.

The bottomline line is that life is a game, however it is a serious game. When we get things wrong the consequences can be miserable. The circumstances of our lives are not set in stone, they are as fluid as we allow ourselves to be.

But first we have to accept the reality that we as individuals are completely responsible for what we make happen; without claiming this reality circumstances will be much harder to control in terms of the outcome.

The blocks to your success are staring you in the face in the form of people, places or objects (from the roof on your home to the pen on your desk). Your whole Being is mapped out in a matrix of energies around you and the fundamental problem is that you need to see… Read more…

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