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Visit SiteEasy Language Systems - SpanishThe old classroom method is slow, time consuming, expensive, frustrating and usually fails completely, if you keep going for more than a few weeks that is. Yes most people give up pretty quick…

The new interactive methods are expensive, seem like fun at the start but end up becoming boring, monotonous, time consuming and frustrating about as fast as the classroom.

Getting a personal tutor is even more expensive and usually fails just as fast. Who can afford to get personal lessons every day??

Audio courses are usually extremely boring, very repetitive, hard to concentrate on and fail to deliver results.

Before I go on and explain why our method is far superior to any other method I want you to know that it is also one of the cheapest methods out there. Our entire program which will have you understanding and speaking French within weeks with absolutely no effort is only $88 and you can download it to your computer as soon as payment is made. You don’t have to wait for slow shipping methods, you can have the entire course downloaded within minutes and you can get started learning Spanish today… And to top it off the entire program is 100%, money back guaranteed!

Other programs that don’t even work will cost you into the hundreds so read on and find out why our system works and why it will have you understanding and speaking Spanish in no time and with almost no effort at all…

Ok. If you have read this far then you obviously want to learn Spanish and you want it to be easy. You don’t want to waste money on methods that don’t work, you want results and you want them fast…

The biggest pitfall for adults is that their brain has lost the ability to hear phonetic sounds that are not used in their native language.

As babies we have the ability to hear millions of sounds, all the sounds that make up every language or possible language on Earth. After only a few months the babies brain adapts so that its hearing of the sounds in its environment becomes amplified while its hearing of sounds that it does not regularly hear becomes weaker. Their brain is already wiring itself to specialize in the language it is hearing.

By the time the baby becomes an adult its brain has become so specialized in its native language that it cannot even distinguish many of the sounds used in other languages.

Have you ever been told a word from another language and tried to repeat it? You think you are repeating it perfectly but the person who understands both languages keeps telling you that you are saying it wrong. They can clearly hear your mistake but to you it sounds like you are saying it right. You cannot understand why they keep trying to correct you when you have been copying them correctly…

So your brain is specialized in your native language and you cannot recognize the sounds of your new language.

This at the start looks like a problem but it is actually a godsend. You see it is not that you have lost your ability to hear different sounds that is a problem, it is your brains ability to specialize and adapt, get better at hearing certain sounds that we can use to our advantage and which is totally natural and effortless!

Your brains natural tendency is to put more resources where they are needed. So if you start playing guitar the part of your brain that controls your fingers will get more resources, it… Read more…

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