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Visit SiteAffiliate Marketing ebook - Affiliate Marketing Training for Advertisers & Publishers"Dear Prospective Affiliate Marketer, Congratulations on taking your first step to a better life! If you decided to improve your quality of living and start earning the income you need to have more buying power, recreational opportunities, financial stability, and free time with your loved ones- This is the right place for you. Once you discover affiliate marketing- you will never look back. "

In earlier years, I was a little overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information on the Internet about affiliate marketing. But it didn’t take long to identify which content was relevant and accurate, and which simply doesn’t work. After years of reading and researching, everything suddenly clicked into place when I began developing a business model and formula that prepared me for the pitfalls, armed me with the required knowledge, and let me finally revel in the success of a truly prospering affiliate business.

Today, as the CEO of Inter-Dev Web Marketing, I teach these methods to affiliatesd, just like you and guide companies and advertisers seeking to launch their affiliate marketing business online. Ranging from novices to experts, they each possess a unique set of skills, technical knowledge, and education. Like you, they are also driven to improve their lives and earn the income they need to make their dreams a reality. It’s rare to find an educational resource that teaches a business model or formula you can replicate, and learning these strategies from someone with true affiliate marketing experience.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when an affiliate (you) earns a commission by promoting or selling a merchant’s products or services by generating ‘clicks’ that lead the way for prospective buyers. Quite simply, affiliate marketing has earned its position in the marketplace because it works. Think about it: has the Internet changed the way you shop? When was the last time you purchased plane tickets at the airport? How often do you head online to buy a gift, consult product comparison websites, or read reviews? You probably already know more about affiliate marketing than you think! For merchants, affiliate marketing generates a steady volume of leads and keeps prospective customers engaged and coming back for more. Throughout this process, affiliates reap the rewards of generous commissions and also enjoy the benefits of having a truly self-sufficient home business that virtually grows itself and operates almost entirely on autopilot. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s really possible to create such a win-win situation. Now, let’s debunk some of the myths you may have heard about affiliate marketing:

The concept of paying commissions, or ‘finder’s fees’, for referred business was introduced to the Internet in 1994 with the music website CDNow’s ‘BuyWeb’ program. The program quickly caught on, and in 1996 the king of e-commerce, Amazon, launched its first affiliate program by paying commission to affiliates whose website clicks resulted in a book purchase. Though Amazon wasn’t the first to establish an affiliate program, they’ve certainly been industry leaders. Today ‘ nearly 15 years later ‘ Amazon’s affiliate program is still running strong. To keep pace with changing technologies, consumer shopping behaviors, and current market trends, affiliate marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Who knows what affiliate marketing will be like in 5, 10, or 15 years from now? The sky’s the limit!

In 1994, fewer than 3,000 websites were in existence. Today, that number has grown to nearly 200 million! During this time, affiliate marketing has exploded, becoming a major selling force for products and services on the web.

Today, there are literally THOUSANDS of merchants with affiliate programs that are fueled by TENS… Read more…

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