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People ask me how I was able to build my last business, starting from ground ZERO to doing over 7 FIGURES A MONTH. A business that made a whole lot of people a whole lot of money… many of them, having never made a dime in any other business.

And from the moment we plugged in the system our income shot through the stratosphere. And people started asking HOW. How in the world did we go from nothing, zero, nada to over $10 million dollars in less than 10 months? And that’s a fair question. Because let’s face it, those are some pretty amazing numbers, don’t you agree?

Most folks have been shocked by our success. We’ve even had some of the biggest name gurus online drooling over what they’re calling our "genius system."

I’d like to say it’s all me and my partner. That we’re the rockstars who made it happen. But the truth is… that’s not exactly the whole story. You see…

A few years back I met this underground marketer who literally sits at home in a giant waterfront mansion cranking out cash like clockwork, following a totally unconventional method that flies in the face of everything most people believe to be true about what it takes to make money… and lots of it. I’m not kidding. It boggles my mind to see millions and millions of dollars roll in at the push of a button. It’s crazy. Especially when you actually get a peek behind the curtain and see how it’s done.

And I’m not talking about one of these “flash in the pan” one hit wonders who stumble on some little gimmick and ride it out for a few bucks before they’re right back where they started. No, this marketer has been cranking out 7 figure incomes for the last 16 years… 16 YEARS. We’re talking about a real life renegade known inside the inner circle of the “who’s who” of marketers… as the mysteriously magical “Money Magnetizer”… or The Magnetizer for short.

At the time we met, in 2004, I was doing OK… but working my tail off spending every waking hour on the phone prospecting and making sales. It was nice to have some money coming in but it was hard work… and all those long hours, working late into the night, was definitely taking its toll on my family life.

Now I’ll be honest. I have to admit… it sounded too good to be true. But I decided to set aside my doubts and have a little faith. And boy am I glad I did because before I knew it The Magnetizer set me up with a system that went to work 24/7… so I didn’t have to. All the hard work was done for me… on autopilot. Which meant… no more chasing people down, trying to convince them to buy something… no phone calls, no prospecting and no personal selling. The daily grind of spinning my wheels on the phone… selling… came to a screeching halt. And all of a sudden I was raking in six figures a month–almost without lifting a finger. I couldn’t believe it… it was amazing!

So when it came time to create my next business I figured there was no reason to reinvent the wheel. I knew exactly what to do. It was like having my own secret money map.

People were shocked and amazed at how effortless we made it look. Of course, I kept everything very quiet—I didn’t… Read more…

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