Get Free Of Technological Distractions And Stay Focused by Amy Twain

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Not in the physical sense but I can be there in spirit – to help you transition from technology dependence to technology independence. Unfortunately there are just some things we can’t overcome – like the geographical distance for example and the fact that there is just one of me. "Surviving Modern Living" is the guide you need to move from distraction to focus.

And that’s just to take care of those small, unimportant distractions like answering a text message or reading what turns out to be an unimportant email. Then it takes time to simply get back to what you were doing before you got distracted.

1. Regain control of your life and not follow the whim of your technological overloads like your smart phone 2. Be able to better focus work when you’re at work, and on your social life or family when you’re not at work. 3. Be able to "take or leave" technology because you don’t "need it" anymore More importantly you will be able to become more productive and as a result find that you have more time for yourself because you have finished what you’re supposed to do. You will also be able to relax and maintain your sanity because you won’t be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Not the other way around. Your smart phone is not there to tell you that you need to answer it – you still decide, as its owner, whether you want to answer the phone or not. And just because email can be sent and received instantly doesn’t mean you have to reply to it instantly, especially if you still have work to do – besides 99% of the time it would be unimportant anyway. Taking back control of your life from the distractions of technology is important – this guide is for you if you want that.

You won’t be able to if you are constantly being distracted by all that technology. Give them a rest and give yourself a break from their control so you can get back to more important things – like finishing your work. Once you finish your work you’ll find that you will have all the time in the world to get distracted as much as you can.

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Just because you get and receive text messages in an instant doesn’t mean you have to answer it in an instant!

For only $27 get control and don’t act like an addict who can’t wait for their next "fix."

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