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Visit SiteIntroducing WildfireMy name is Kyle Graham, and these ‘cut-and-paste’ viral campaigns and free training videos I’ve assembled will instantly double or triple your daily leads, traffic, and sales.

Once you have these viral campaigns in your arsenal, you’ll immediately see more traffic, more leads and more sales.

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…The result of over five years of careful study, a masters degree thesis, and a 100% track record of success every single time it’s been applied in my business. And now, I’ve finally boiled it all down into a simple turnkey viral marketing software and training solution called Wildfire.

Viral Marketing implemented correctly will instantly turn your websites, your blogs, your business into a turnkey, explosive list-building machine that creates non-stop traffic floods for you on autopilot.

Viral Tweets: In 2009, on the day of Obama’s inauguration, using a simple "pay with a tweet" viral strategy, my partner and I built an entire business off of a single tweet! An almost 6 figure business with ZERO work, ZERO marketing (other than our ‘tweet’), over TEN THOUSAND twitter followers, and a rabid list of 20k+ double-optin email addresses.

TwitClicks: In Deceber, 2008, I built a small URL shortner service just to "test out viral marketing:" It quickly, within weeks ballooned to over 75,000 visitors per month site and kept growing until my server finally buckled under the pressure. Again, zero work, no blog posts, no affiliates, nothing.

This was a "side" project of mine. Using a simple "pay with a tweet" campaign, thousands of people downloaded it in the first 7 days, building me a ferociously "RABID" list (a nice side effect of viral marketing), and multiple blog write-ups. Once again, all in all, less than one eight-hour-day of workand that’s INCLUDING creating the software!

It’s a 10-module multi-media training program that covers BASIC and ADVANCED Viral Marketing strategies…and includes the "push-button" technology that will build everything FOR YOU PLUS provide pre-built viral landing pages (which is the secret sauce of viral campaigns).

Also, it’s the only way you’ll get ONE-ON-ONE access to me to help you shape a successful campaign. But that’s not all.

Again, I want to make the barrier as low as possible and to let EVERYONE ultimately have access to this technology. So that’s why I’ve decided to offer Wildfire for…

With this training, and like everything else I do, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll insist you take your money back. (But I know that will be the LAST thing you want to do once you get started with Wildfire viral marketing).

In fact, I’m willing to step it up even further. I’ve seen first-hand how well Wildfire works to produce real results in any business. I’m so convinced that it will multiply your traffic and subscribers that I’m going to make an incredible offer you simply can’t refuse…

Give it an honest try, and if it doesn’t increase the amount of visitors and subscribers to your web site by at least 300%, email me or call my office within 30 days and receive a complete refund…

…or show me exactly how you’ve attempted to use the software according to my instructions (including screenshots) and that it has still failed to produce 300% more visitors I’ll personally help you fix it until it works, and if it still doesn’t work, I’ll give you a refund, no questions asked!

To get INSTANT ACCESS to Wildfire click on the yellow button below right now. You’ll be taken to our secure order form and in about 3 minutes you’ll… Read more…

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