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Visit SiteSpeeding Ticket FixerIf you’ve recently received a speeding ticket and you’d like to learn the proven “insider” secrets on how to beat the system…before it beats you…and avoid paying those expensive fines, surcharges, court costs and increased automobile insurance rates, then you’re absolutely going to love what I’m about to reveal.

As an ex-traffic cop with over 14 years experience writing tickets, investigating accidents and spending countless hours in court testifying against drivers just like you, I’ve learned quite a few things about the legal system…especially when it comes to speeding tickets.

And if you’ll give me just three minutes of your time, I’ll show you how you can get your hands on the most comprehensive and proven, A to Z system for easily beating any speeding ticket you get…no matter where you live or how fast you were driving.

Speeding tickets are an absolute “cash cow” for police departments, local & state governments and the courts. And if you think police departments spend all that money on expensive speed radars and lasers just to keep drivers “safe”

Understand that police departments, courts and local government want police to write tickets for one reason: to make them money!

The answer is simple: traffic tickets are an enormous, never-ending, predictable source of revenue for everyone involved.

The proceeds from tickets pay for more cops (to write more tickets)…they create more jobs in the court house (to handle more and more traffic ticket cases)……and speeding tickets line the pockets of the greedy insurance company because once you pay your speeding ticket, they will hike up your insurance premiums with a big smile on their face.

And why should it??? When you take into consideration that a whopping 97% of ticketed motorist simply pull out their checkbook and pay, you start to understand why it is that police departments are constantly adding more and more traffic cops to their traffic squads.

You heard me right…97% of people that get speeding tickets simply pull out their wallets, grumble under their breath and mail in their fines without question.

That’s right…a whopping 97% of speeding ticket victims simply pay their fines…without any kind of fight whatsoever.

It is a fact. A single speeding ticket with a fine of $75, will actually cost you well over $1,000 in surcharges, fees and increases to your automobile insurance premium.

The fact is, however, that when you are “armed” with the right information, you can easily walk into court, use one or more of the dozens of proven “bullet-proof” speeding ticket defenses, and walk out just minutes later with your case dismissed, including…

You see, with only 3% of speeding ticket victims appearing in court to fight their tickets, the cops and prosecutors are usually caught off guard when someone like you walks in ready to fight.

Take it from me, the last thing any cop wants is to spend their off-duty time in court (and that’s why we don’t show up 40% of the time). And the last thing a busy prosecutor wants is to deal with you and your measly speeding ticket.

And if you think a high-paid judge wants to sit there bored out of his mind, listening to you and the prosecutor argue about a speeding ticket, then you are sadly mistaken.

Trust me, the judges and prosecutors have “bigger fish to fry” and if you can come into court with a sound reason for dismissing your case, they will be more than ready to cut you a deal or dismiss your case outright…on the spot!

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