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Visit SiteLock Picking - How to - Picks - LockpicksAwesome kit includes no less than 6 high quality practice locks, 2 of which are cut aways! Also includes our best selling TriPik-II Stand and a professional pick set by SouthOrd. Value of individual components is over $300, but buy it now for only $129.95! Click here: YouTube Kit.

If you are like most visitors to this site you are looking for help with finding either tools or instruction, or both. You might need a special tool to defeat a stubborn Tubular Lock, or maybe a cut away version of a Combination Lock so you can learn how it works. You might need assistance, through books or DVDs, that will tell you simply How to Open a Lock. Our steadily growing inventory gives you a veritable candy store in which you are guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for. For beginners we recommend purchasing our popular How To Pick Locks CD, containing a .pdf ebook manual that will give concise instruction, in everyday terms, that will help you in your Lock Picking practice and will advise in which Lock Picks or Lockpicks Assortments to start out with.

Lock Pickers Mall is a Lock Picking Tools and Supply company. Our main offerings include: Lock Picks, Practice Locks, Automotive Locksmith Tools and Locksmith Books for your lock picking needs.

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LINKS IMPORTANT TERMS OF SALE . . . please read before placing an order! SHIPPING: Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, with the exception of items marked ‘special order’ or otherwise notated. If for some reason we are unable to ship promptly you will be notified by email. International orders are shipped via USPS Express Mail International because our merchant account and also PayPal requires we use a trackable service when shipping internationally. Priority Mail International and First Class International are NOT trackable, therefore we cannot offer these methods to our customers. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: That just about says it all. If for any reason you are unhappy with an item, return it within 10 days of delivery undamaged for a no-questions-asked refund! The only exception to this is educational CDs, DVDs and e-books — simply because they are too easy to copy or otherwise reproduce. Make sure you notify us BEFORE returning an item otherwise we cannot guarantee the item will be accepted. PRICE GUARANTEE: You are assured the best price for the items we carry through our EXCLUSIVE Name Your Own Price feature. LOCK PICKING TRAINING: For beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike. We design and manufacture such training aids as PikStation, TriPik, PikStation+Plus, and a large array of pre-packaged Lock Picking Practice Kits.

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