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Visit SiteSell Beats Online - Industry Insider Exposes Secret to Selling BeatsThink of it as being introduced to some of the heavy-hitters in the hip-hop music world … and getting tips that will make you become one of them!

I bet you’re wondering, “How is this system different from everything else that’s out there?”

Many years ago, I had a friend name Spectronic who worked the sound boards at a West Coast studio where lots of Hip-Hop artists record and producers do their thing.

When I saw the address of this house party, I figured this had to be a joke at my expense. Me… at a party in Beverly Hills? The guest list was crazy… some big names in the Hip-Hop world – no way, I thought.

So, I rolled up to the address with Spectronic the “Sound Board Operator”, thinking we’ll probably end up in a so-so Hip-Hop club on the other end of Los Angeles when we get turned away at the gate — or find out there isn’t a party here at all!

But oh, there was a party, all right! The music was bumping! You could hear it at the gated entrance, which lead to a long driveway, which lead to a sprawling mansion.

Spectronic mumbled something into the speaker box and we drove through the gate, up that long driveway and up to a valet, who parked my friend’s new car next to shiny and fancy, hyped-up rides:

We got inside and I saw all these people sporting massive amounts of bling, diamonds and fancy clothes (I even recognized some of the party guests: Major Hip-Hop performing artists, and a few big-name producers (I had only read about in magazines).

Spectronic introduced me to some of the hottest artists and beat/recording producers in the industry!

I got some cards and numbers… Turns out, a lot of the producers and an artists wanted to know more about a few online ideas I had. It was crazy.

He was already banking massive profits on auto-pilot! But, he wanted to scale and he knew I was just the guy to help him…

“I think we can really move units with this concept.” He told me. “We are on to something serious.”

Producers that had been struggling to get their cut — now had the opportunity to take huge slices of the industry pie.

We both started to realize that this was a much bigger concept than either of us could have imagined.

We decided to put together something so rock solid we could just flip a switch and it would work for everyone.

No more fortune cookies and candy coated dreams — an online money cannon that could fuel the type of lifestyle these people were already used to.

Let’s face it: The day when DJs stopped scratching mixes with old-school style vinyl records was the moment it all changed. We are now the creators and everything new and unique can be sold for profit.

And now, the ability to produce music is literally at our fingertips as long as there is a computer and some software available.

OK, I know there are several sites out there that sell beats. But I’m telling you: The market for Hip-Hop and Rap beats, instrumental baselines, loops and kits is wide and very lucrative! There’s enough business to go around!

Consider this: Hip-Hop and Rap music (production, performances, and all aspects of the industry) is a multi-hundred million dollar business.

Isn’t it time for you to claim your place in this market and take your music production ambitions to the next level? And… Read more…

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