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Visit SitePower Point GolfBecause I want to tell you all about THE most important golf training video we’ve ever produced here at OHP — and it needs no hype whatsoever.

It reveals — in the most effective manner ever recorded — the TWO SIMPLE SECRETS about the golf swing that will be like a "divine revelation" for you and anybody else who’s fortunate enough to get their hands on this video.

Darrell, you see, is now pushing 60, easily seventy pounds overweight, so nearsighted his glasses look like Coke bottle bottoms… and he has advanced osteo-arthritis so serious the doctors want to replace his knees with slabs of plastic right NOW.

Most golfers shake their heads wondering how the heck he’s even going the hit the ball. But Darrell just settles in and, using his simple "two-step" secret, launches a stunning 275-yard drive. And he does it tee after tee.

And yet, as great as he is, Darrell still remains relatively unknown to the average golfer. You’ll never see this golf recluse on The Golf Channel or ESPN — and that’s the way he likes it.

He’s simply a super-private guy that very few people EVER get to meet. In fact, the only way you’ll ever get access to him is through our video or by taking personal lessons from him…

Yes, Darrell charges $250 an hour for lessons. And people are STANDING IN LINE to get lessons from him (he’s booked solid for the next two years).

Golfers who have discovered Darrell through our OHP videos come from all over the planet to take lessons from him and they gladly pay him the $250 an hour. They spend hundreds more (and sometimes thousands) in travel and lodging just to get to a remote golf course in Central California where Darrell teaches.

And get this one young man traveled half way around the world to take lessons from Darrell. This guy saves up his money for months on end, and travels to California from Scotland — yea, that’s right I said SCOTLAND…

Look… if this kid’s willing to endure a 10-hour flight across the Atlantic just for lessons from Darrell Klassen, there’s gotta be something to this.

And there is — as you’ll quickly discover the moment you watch Darrell’s new video "Power Point". You see, Darrell insists he only needs a short time to teach even HORRIBLE golfers how to hit amazingly long, super-accurate tee shots.

And it doesn’t matter how bad you currently play — or how disgustingly you hook or slice. None of that matters. In fact, Darrell actually PREFERS to teach high-handicapped players.

Because he shows them exactly how to get real good, real fast. He just LOVES to see women, kids and even old duffers crippled by arthritis, out-driving and out-playing younger, stronger and more skilled players. He’s a hero to every out-of-shape hacker who has ever played the game.

Power is for everyone of us. Darrell teaches you how to unleash it! Distance is no longer a concern in my game. I can focus on other aspects, now that I know power golf… – Travis Dalton, Software Consultant

On this video, Darrell concentrates ONLY on the two most critical aspects of the golf swing — the two "secrets" that nobody seems to get right… nobody ever teaches… and nobody but the greatest ball strikers in history have ever figured out on their own.

In fact, almost every pro golfer on the PGA tour knows these two simple secrets about the golf swing — but not one in a thousand could TEACH them to you.

But Darrell can. And that’s why… Read more…

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