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Visit SiteHow To Make Your Own Website >> Creating A Website For FreeMike Terry here, and I have a sad story to tell you that will probably sound quite familiar (although it has a VERY happy ending!).

For over Ten Long Years I slaved away under a tyrannical business owner who got rich from graphics design work that I created… all for a measly salary that barely covered the bills.

Meanwhile, the business grew year on year and HE was driving a new luxury car every year- off the sweat of MY brow!

Finally, at an annual review he told me how thankful he was for my hard work, how talented I was, and how much I contributed to the growth of the business…blah blah blah…

But oh, by the way… I wouldn’t be getting a raise this year either- because marketing was eating up the budget.

From that day forward I focused my efforts on developing my business skills and my incredible Project Minisite initiative.

And now I enjoy working from the comfort of my own home… under my own schedule… and flexing my creative muscles (And FREEDOM) on a daily basis.

Project Minisite is an insanely detailed (yet easy to understand and use) series of screen capture tutorial videos that give an easy to follow, step by step walkthrough of techniques ‘real’ minisite designers use to consistently earn high priced design jobs.

Project Minisite contains a Whopping 29 easy to follow minisite training videos complete with a clear and concise companion course that’s yours to keep for FREE.

NO design experience is needed! Each of the videos is designed for PC literate users who may never have even tried to create a minisite in their entire lives. Project Minisite will guide you every step of the way with crystal clear audio and video.

I’ve taught the concepts in Project Minisite to others…and they went from knowing absolutely nothing about creating minisites, to becoming near experts themselves, almost overnight.

And several of them have gone on to break free from the sick wage slavery that I myself was in, and become very successful in their own right!

I’m a BIG believer in "Paying It Forward", see? And I believe that if I can break YOU free of the rat-trap of wage slavery, (or at LEAST make your situation more Luxurious ;-) then no matter HOW much money I make…I Win.

So, I decided to package my system into 29 step-by-step videos that can guide you to creating your own high quality minisites and maybe breaking free yourself!

You’ll also get downloadable PDF mini-tutorials, complete with screenshots to guide you step by step during the process.

You can print them all out and keep them in a binder. That way you will always have your own “Million Dollar Minisite Manual” to hand.

You’ll be amazed by how thorough and yet simple Project Minisite is…and once you download the videos…your have access to your very own “masters degree” education in minisite creation!

Simply put: Project Minisite is the most phenomenal photoshop video course ever created, and is designed to take an "average Joe" and turn him into a minisite wizard in less than an afternoon.

A Minisite Design from an "Average" designer goes for around $100 or so, and the same "Average" designer can do one in around 3 Hours.

But with the Power and Control that Project Minisite is about to hand you, you are about to seize the power to literally Write Your OWN Paycheck.

In fact, there simply aren’t enough talented designers around to satisfy the raging hunger that the marketplace has for them!

Believe me, everyone… Read more…

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