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Visit SiteSurf Ski Technique - Learn How To Surf Ski - Surf Ski Paddling - How To Master The Surf Ski - Surf Ski SupremacyWe’ve all been there. Surf Skiers float so effortlessly over the water, you just can’t wait to hit the surf and flex your natural talent. Eager to the point of antsy, you watch the week count down to play as you daydream of your natural grace conquering the ocean. The surf skiers glide so effortlessly, you can’t wait to show off. Minutes trickle into days, you couldn’t possibly wax another inch of ski, and finally you get your chance…

Your chance to humiliate yourself. Triumph turns tragic, hopes dashed, sunshine never seemed so stupid, and salt water never so bitter. You’re in the sunshine, on the beach, doing something you’re passionate about, why are you scowling? Nobody likes to fail, and it’s hardly fun to struggle. The old adage “the easier they make it look, the harder it probably is” holds no exception here. The smooth grace of a surf skier doesn’t just happen, it’s a series of smart execution and practice.

I can’t practice for you, but I can teach you how to get your face out of the surf and the wind in your hair. I can teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

We’re all individual in our reasons and passions for this sport. Fun. Exercise. Grace. Mine is the quest for perfection. There’s always something to improve, and tomorrow’s always a result of today. It’s a good thing success has always outweighed pride for me, or I would’ve given up a long time ago. When I was starting out, so hungry for satisfaction, I looked everywhere for guidance. Back when I started surf skiing, information was sparse and limited to poor quality manufacturer websites, ethically ambiguous salesmen and individual know how.

So to learn, I was basically dependant on the sportspeople around me, gathering and gleaning their wisdom through conversation and the synchronized trial and error of undergoing the same journey of tribulation and effort.

As you’ve experienced, not much has changed. This lack of guidance and education effected my speed of progress and methods tremendously. This book is intended to be the most comprehensive document about surf skis that is available today. If only I had known the simple trick on how to gauge the appropriate amount of leg length, so that I could find the right ski- so crucial for control; and not been at the mercy of the salesman whose ambition is his commission, not my success. Or the single most effective tool to improve your race starts.

What I would have given for an opportunity like this book to be guided through the pitfalls and nuances of this most technical sport. There’s a reason your arms get so tired, and your pace is so sluggish. There’s also a method to fix it.

Underneath the fluidity of skiing is an intricate connection of details, and within this book we’ll analyze all of them individually and collectively, so you can adjust and perfect the specific problems within your delivery, and also comprehend the big picture of all these small steps. Stop struggling. Start surfing.

How to handle your paddle efficiently. It’s not about thrashing harder. Wait until you see these simple tricks

Why your arms are so tired and your pace is so slow. Who wants to put out the most effort and get the least results?

Passion is personal. We’ve all got our details, our personal motivations behind satisfaction and drive. We all wake up, we all want more. I ventured into surf skiing after a youthful lifetime of surfboarding in Australia. I personally enjoy the technical mastery necessary to fly… Read more…

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