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In a moment, I’m gonna make you so angry you’ll want to take your camcorder back to the salesman and show him a special digital effect!

FACT: 98% of the people selling camcorders and accessories are professional sales people, not experienced owners and operators of camcorders.

Hey! Do you know what that means? It means you have been knowingly or un-knowingly misinformed about how to correctly use your camcorder. Or have been prompted to purchase a model that is innapropriate for your wants and needs. And that makes me angry!

This will more often than not, result in an expensive piece of electronic equipment that becomes a frustrating nightmare to use or a source of embarassment when a filmed event is shown to family and friends!

Of course you wouldn’t! But you often won’t give a second thought to using your camcorder at a Christmas function without first familiarizing yourself with it’s operation, then putting it aside or in a cupboard for months at a time.

Statistics have shown that most people use their camcorders to record scenes of their children, family occasions and holidays, leaving the camcorder packed away to gather dust the rest of the time.

You may be someone who likes to use your camcorder every chance you get, but without proper instruction and guidance you found it didn’t turn out to be as easy as you thought it would, did it?

OK, so you enjoy using your video camera. You want to film family events, trips and holidays or sporting events and adventures, but…

Have you ever tried to drive a nail into a board without using a hammer? Maybe using a shoe, or a book, or something equally inappropriate? It’s impossible isn’t it? But given the right hammer, even a child can drive a nail (sometimes in places you’d rather not have nails).

Anyway, it’s the same with video production (and remember you may be just filming the holiday or a party, but its still a ‘Video Production’).

Producing a video of acceptable quality is almost impossible if you don’t have the right tools. But if you use the right tools, and follow a basic plan, it’s a relatively simple process, something that can be mastered in a few hours or even less! Especially by someone who spent thousands of hours watching TV.

How many hours have you spent watching TV? The experts say if you’re over 30, you’ve probably watched 10,000 hours. And that’s more time than you spent in any classroom. Now did you learn anything from all those hours with your TV? Sure you did. You learned how to recognise bad video productions. And that is important knowledge, my friend. Knowledge, that can keep you out of trouble.

That knowledge, combined with the KMS Power tips of video taking, can help you make any video look better. A rule like the 3/30 rule can save a production, (or ruin it if not followed). What’s 3/30? Simple. No scene lasts over 3 minutes, no camera shot lasts over 30 seconds.

I know you’re already keen to improve your video productions. That’s Great! So let’s see what you get in Camcorder Techniques Made Easy that is guaranteed** to turbo charge your video productions.

Let me warn you first. This is not another 200 page, jargon filled, rambling e-book or manual. Now that would be hypocritical dont you think? The best way to learn how to take good video is by being shown (not told) while watching good video!

It… Read more…

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