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Visit SitePool Tables 101If you are on your way out the door to buy a pool table, you have a better than 95% chance of making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why this book was written. 95% of pool table shoppers have no idea what questions they need answers for. But you will after you read this!

If you’re a serious pool table buyer, you need to read on down this page, because I’m going to show you how to save a lot of money on your new pool table and help you avoid making a big mistake in it’s selection,

Recently I was out shopping for good old American-made products to buy for some family and friends and ended up going from one store to another and one internet site to another and never found what I wanted. I had done the same thing a few months earlier trying to buy American made slippers and, again, I came away from the effort empty handed. I just could not find any American Made products to fill my needs!

In these two examples, I knew what I wanted. I just couldn’t find either item. One manufacturer even had an address in Minnesota, but through some exploration, I found that the product was made in a far east nation, not American at all.

I think most of us know that products made in Mexico and China are well short of the level of quality we all demand or, at least, should demand! The News has been full of stories of products that are dangerous to our health or are simply junk in a box. Yet most of us go blindly forth shopping for the cheapest price and get exactly what we paid for, junk or worse.

While a few of us will not accept those inferior products anymore, many others of us keep right on going and spending money on products that are worse than most of us could ever expect. I bought some Chinese made twinkle light bulbs the other day and every single one of them burned out immediately upon receiving electricity in the string of lights. That’s what I call a "Chinese Gotcha"! All I could do was laugh at my foolishness!

Pool tables offered in America are full of the same issues, quality vs. price. Chinese vs. American. Except Chinese pool tables don’t have to have a label that says "Made in China"! Why? Because assembly is in your home, right here in America. They don’t have to say "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico". So buyer beware!

Even American makers of pool tables take many short cuts. They offer a one year warranty and then run for the hills. We have to remember that one way for manufacturers to increase their profits, is to make products cheaper, often sacrificing quality and longevity. When it comes to selecting a pool table, performance and longevity are critical. If you don’t know what to look for, you will never find it. This book, "Pool Tables 101", will give you all the knowledge you need to avoid a terrible purchase mistake. In these times, wasting your hard earned money on a poor product is simply no longer acceptable. At least it isn’t for me and I hope not for you either. That’s why this book was written.

“Pool Tables 101 contains… knowledge of pool tables not found elsewhere–fabulous details on pool table values… a quick and fully entertaining read… worth 100 times its cover price to anyone interested in purchasing or maintaining pool tables.”

"……. the book lets the consumer know what… Read more…

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