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Visit SiteNitro RC SoftwareThe program is now used by Serious RC Competitors in Boats, Planes, Cars, and all forms of Nitro RC Racing and Competition.

My boats and engines have been in the "winner’s circle" for years because of the value of this program. This is well worth the investment and a must have for the serious competitor.

I have been exposed to this program for many years and it is the most valuable asset to the shop to be had. The factory gives you the basic numbers that run, but with the Engine Analysis Software you can see on the screen what just removing .001 here and there will do to enhance or destroy your motor without having to spend hours whittling and grinding to find it won’t run or blows at buoy 1. Let the years of other’s trials and tribulations work for you, it will cost you many hundreds of $$$ in scrap motors to get the numbers that Marty has bottled up in this program.

I am happy to say, I was one of the first engine builders to have this software. Before the Engine Analysis Software was developed it was degree wheels, calipers and a lot of guessing and no two people who came to my shop could get the same numbers out of the same engine. Even I could not do this. Once we had that data it was only a guess as to what you were going to do or had done to the engine. Compression ratio’s were non existent. Make a head button and you were still clue-less as to what you had. Once they got this program up and running we could load engines until we were blue in the face and then make any changes we wanted in the computer and then watch compression ratio’s etc change and then machine he parts and reload the data until we had what we thought we wanted. Now we could go racing and know what we had and then repeat that engine build one slightly different and see the results immediately. I have loaded literally thousands of engines in this program and when an engine comes in to my shop I can pull up the data on all of those that I have done and build a like engine in no time duplicating the data from a good one. You can’t build an engine without this is all I can say. You have no reliable repeatable data

I have been modifying motors for 15 years, and never have I had a more valuable tool than the Engine Analysis Software. The software takes the guesswork and inaccuracies out of getting the timing numbers you are after. Since everything is done with linear measurements, you know exactly how much material to cut off to get the timing numbers you are after. Simply said get the software and throw your degree wheel away.

My Father and I have used the Engine Analysis Program for 12 yrs now. With out question, this is one of the single most important items a nitro racer must have to do motor work. I wouldn’t tear a motor down without using this program. When the factory puts out motors, and no two are alike, you need this to give you the right timing and compression ratio numbers to go by. You will be able to fine tune your motor before you grind on it. You will see what the numbers are before you start.

I have been using the Engine Analysis Program for a while now and have found it to be the MOST valuable tool to have if… Read more…

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