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Visit SiteTravel SecretsTravel agent cards give you up to a 75% discount on flights and hotels. It only takes 15 minutes to get one of these cards.

Getting a travel agent card is quick and easy. It takes only 15 minutes. Then you can Save 50% to 75% on your next vacation and every single trip after that!

Since I have discovered how to get travel agent discounts I have saved a fortune on my travel expenses, not to mention all the upgrades and other perks I have received from knowing this information. I now get discounts all the time on everything from accommodation and tours to theme park entry and flights. I get anywhere from 10% off up to 80%. Getting these discounts has meant that I can afford to travel more often and have a high quality holiday for budget prices. I have worked out that this knowledge has meant about $21,000 in saving for us so far! Thank you! Matt Dickinson, Vancouver Canada

I went on a holiday to Fiji and we stayed in a 5 star resort on a private island for $80 per night when it normally costs $480 per night. It was an amazing trip … they had like 8 fijian singers greeting us when we got there. And I was only paying a fraction of the normal cost. Rob Rawson, Sydney Australia

Simply place your order for Travel Industry Secrets using the link to out secure server above. (Your credit card statement will show a charge from Clk*

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the information I got from you about how to travel on the cheap. I have saved an enormous amount on my travel expenses because of you guys! I was about to go on holidays when I got your manual so I read it and applied the information for that holiday and it ended up saving me literally thousands of dollars within only a week of reading it! Boy was I a happy man. I have found your strategies simple and effective. Thanks again and happy travels. Sam Marshall London, UK

We’re so confident that this information will result in HUGE savings for you, that we’ll back it up with a 56 day money back guarantee. If you are not convinced that you can save $500 or more on your next vacation we’ll refund every single penny of the purchase price back to you.

Bonus #1: Flight Courier Secrets Learn the secrets to getting rock bottom prices and even free flights by becoming a flight courier. No longer secret agents from movies, flight couriers are literally stealing cheap tickets like New York to Hong Kong for $75!

Bonus #2: Airfare Consolidator Directory Get the insider’s worldwide listings of airfare travel consolidators that you can use right away. Save precious time and money with this easy resource.

Bonus #3: Hotel Consolidator Directory You’ll get the worldwide listing of accommodation travel consolidators. Get started booking trips right away!

By using my travel agent ID card I have been able to save thousands of dollars on our holidays. No longer do to we take just 1 holiday a year, now it is maybe 2 or 3 plus countless weekend trips away. Our card saves us money where ever we go: accommodation, flights, ski passes or even using it to rent a truck for moving house. Since learning the strategies that are in your book it has opened my eyes to countless ways to save money, get upgrades and generally improve the quality of our travel and our lives! Suzi Mackintosh LA California USA Read more…

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