The Truth About Gum Disease

Visit SiteThe Truth About Gum Disease“There is a way to completely heal your gum disease holistically!” I used to have severe problems with my gums bleeding and I discovered that if my gums start to bleed, oil swishing/pulling and my water pic clear the problem quickly. (I so dislike flossing, I was so happy to discover these natural substitutes). There is a way to completely heal your gum disease holistically! Theo, P (Melbourne, Aus)

Gum disease is essentially inflammation of the gum. It is caused by bacteria multiplying under the gum line and releasing toxic chemicals that break down teeth and worsen gum condition. Brushing, flossing and mouth wash are not enough to get to these bacteria! Completely healing gum disease requires a holistic system of treatment!

Periodontal treatment only treats the symptoms of gum disease, not the causes. This means that even if you have the expensive treatment or surgery, you problems will return! Treating the causes of a disease means treating the disease holistically and to do this you need a system!

Toothpaste is a registered poison in the USA. You may notice there is a poison warning on your toothpaste and in fact a regular tube of toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a child. It only takes 143 mg of fluoride (roughly the amount in a regular tube) to kill a 9 yo child of about 28 kg.

“I have managed to completely get rid of the soreness and bleeding “ When my gingivitis got really bad and I couldn’t afford to go to the dentist I had to look for alternatives. I am so glad that I did because if I had the money I would have gone and not discovered this incredible holistic treatment. I am using cq 10 and garlic tablets as a treatment for gum disease and have had some really great success. I have managed to completely get rid of the soreness and bleeding! But this is only the beginning. The key to a full treatment is really approaching from many different angles including lifestyle and diet. Vanessa, D (

Gum disease causes heart disease! It can kill you! Studies show that bacteria from your infected gums can enter the blood stream and cause platelets to stick together. This causes inflammation and extreme damage to your cardiovascular system. Further studies have shown that improvement in oral health directly reverses problems with arteries responsible for heart disease.

More than 80% of adult Americans have some form of gum disease! Gum disease is progressive; meaning if left un-treated it can progress and eventually lead to tooth loss and lots of pain! Change you lifestyle and heal your gum disease now using a holistic system

Gum disease can cause still birth in Pregnancy. During pregnancy your immune system is lowered slightly so as not to harm the baby. This increases your perceptibility to gum disease. Gingivitis has been responsible for still births in some cases. When the gums bleed the bacteria may enter the blood stream and cross the placenta causing an infection in the foetus! A new study has shown that women who have periodontal disease are 7 times more likely to have a baby that is too young and too small.

Antibiotics used in conventional periodontal treatment can be very bad! Antibiotics are extremely damaging to your immune system and ultimately worsen your condition in the long run. Broad spectrum antibiotics kill all bacteria, both good AND bad! You digestive tract is lined with good bacteria that have many important functions. Kill these and you can seriously damage your health.

Many commercial types of toothpaste actually damage your… Read more…

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