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FreeAutoBlogger-Auto Content builder. RSS poster XML poster blog managment

Visit SiteFreeAutoBlogger-Auto Content builder. RSS poster XML poster blog managment"I was sick of all the rubbish, plugins, scripts, and services floating around out there and was thinking that there must be an easy way to create and maintain large amounts of automatic blogs, turned out I was right……" Brett Sullivan

But after seeing a few similar products of lesser quality, with NO security features, I knew I needed to release FAB publicly. These other programs were directed at making many spam like blogs filled with lots of post like an archive site. Realizing that these other products would make automated blog content look bad, we decided to sell our software for $350. It was a huge success and still is to this day. After 3 years of great success we have lowered the price to only $99 so that anyone can make money with their blog.
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