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Management of grief

Visit SiteManagement of griefThis revolutionary approach to the management of grief will work for you whether your loss was due to:

THE MANAGEMENT OF GRIEF: TECHNIQUES THAT WORK! First of all, let me state: if you came to this web page looking for an instant "cure" for your grief, you have come to the wrong place! Accelerating the grief process is not possible, and trying to do so is unhealthy. There are several programs and e-books available on the Internet which promise to do just that. Any offering which promises to end your painful grief quickly should be avoided. Those are just unethical folks looking to make a buck by taking advantage of your pain and fragile emotional state. You may be very early in your tragedy, and be so devastated that you find it hard to believe you could ever recover. The truth is, it will take a long time, there’s no way around that. Your grief may be so unbearable that you started searching the internet for a "quick fix" to end the pain. I am sorry to tell you, there is no quick fix to bereavement. But there are better, more comfortable, healthier ways to get through it. What I offer with this program is not a "cure" for grief, but tools to help you with your "grief work". Using the power of the mind through certain clinically proven, specialized techniques, you can learn to deal with grief in a healthy manner. As a clinician, I am a firm believer in the healing power of the mind through the use of proven and accepted tools like mindful meditation, guided imagery and yoga breathing. I myself have used these very techniques with great success throughout my adult life, during times of stressful life events or excessive worry and anxiety.
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