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Hydroponics How To

Visit SiteHydroponics How ToHydroponics how to… Okay, this is it! Your ultimate, all-inclusive, getting-started-in-hydroponics guide! We turned our entire website,, into an ebook. The whole thing! Education, time-saving tips and insider secrets to start you off in the best, easiest, cheapest and most successful way. Next, we added on plans for all 5 of the MINI farms. Then, included full plans for the best 4 full-sized hydroponics setups we know of. At the end? Complete plans for a closet grow-box and 6-pot bubbler system!

-All 4 mini farms, plus the bucket bubbler -Our exclusive HydroPad® PVC stand -Ebb & Flow Tray Farm -Top-drip Dutch bucket garden -Deep water lettuce raft setup -(Bonus: Create an automated farm with AutoPots®) -Turbo-cooled grow box -6-pot bubbler unit
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