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Visit - The Genie Within ebook-audio programNOTE! This is a downloadable, not a physical product . . . to order the Genie Within DELUXE Package, which is downloadable too, just go to the bottom of page . . .

What do you want to attract to your life? + More Money + Attract Love and Success + Manifest a Job, a Car, a New Home + Increase Your Sex Appeal + Become a Luck Magnet The Genie Within shows you how to acquire your own “magical” genie lamp and use it to make your hopes come true. The real magic, of course, comes from your mind. The Genie is a symbol for your subconscious mind — the part of you that possesses great power to change your life and draw success to you using the Law of Attraction and self-hypnosis technique. The ebook guides you to use the power of your imagination to evoke your Genie and command it to manifest your sincerest wishes. By following its 10 Steps of Wishmaking, there’s virtually no limit to the kinds of desires your mind can fulfill. The audio narration with music (called the Guided Wishmaking Session) will put you in the right frame of mind. Excerpt: "You are to pretend a powerful, magical Genie lives inside the Lamp. By using this mature, intelligent form of make-believe to express your wishes, you will develop an amazing rapport with your subconscious. Instead of being remote and abstract, it becomes a powerful living ally for you."
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